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The Tutor Doctor business model was built to enable our franchisees to earn maximum revenue by limiting overhead costs, granting protected territories, and enabling franchisees to offer private tutoring services that meet the demands of their market. The low overhead and high-profit margins help our franchisees keep more money in their pockets, encouraging the growth of their businesses. 


When joining the Tutor Doctor franchise, you have the ability to choose your investment type, from a single territory to multiple areas with opportunity to grow. This gives you control over how to scale your business so that you can generate more revenue from various territories. 


To learn more about the earning potential of your Tutor Doctor franchise, we encourage you to participate in our Mutual Evaluation Process to learn about the average numbers in essential categories such as marketing, consultations, and tutor recruitment. We will be able to provide you with resources that will help you determine how your new business will perform in your market. 


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