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Tutor Doctor was founded on the simple idea that every student can learn, but not every student can learn the same way. Our founders recognized the gaps in education left by the traditional classroom setting and wanted to find a way to help students who weren’t receiving the individualized attention they needed. So, in 2000, Tutor Doctor began offering one-to-one tutoring services that provide the supplemental education students need to reach their fullest potential. 


Our tutoring process is different. We get to know our students and connect them with a tutor that will be able to teach them using methods that match their unique learning styles. Tutors create a personalized learning plan for each student and build a curriculum that’s in line with the student’s particular goals. This individualized approach has proven incredibly effective for students, helping us earn a 95% customer satisfaction rate. The success of our students has also increased the demand for our services and sparked the growth of our franchise worldwide.



In 2003, our first franchised locations opened in North America. By 2008, we expanded with our first international locations in the U.K. While many businesses were suffering from the recession in 2008, Tutor Doctor continued to grow in the U.S. and regions abroad. Today, we have more than 700 territories spanning 16 countries, enabling us to offer our specialized private tutoring services to students across the world. Our proprietary process and substantial franchise growth have even earned us attention from major international news outlets, such as NBC, ABC, The Guardian, and The Wall Street Journal. 



It’s our goal to make our affordable, convenient tutoring services available to students everywhere, so we are expanding in markets across North America, Europe, Latin America, and beyond! Our scalable business model, low overhead costs, and company mission continue to attract franchisees interested in building a business they love without starting from the ground up. With an experienced corporate team and a family of dedicated franchisees, Tutor Doctor’s future has never been brighter. 


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