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Build a Profitable Business and Change Lives With a Proven Tutoring Franchise in Australia!

Owning a Tutor Doctor franchise is an opportunity to lead, grow, and make a significant impact in your community's education landscape. Best of all - you don’t have to do it alone.

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Start Your Journey to Business Ownership With Tutor Doctor Today!

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Why Tutor Doctor Australia?

We’ve helped countless franchisees in Australia launch profitable businesses.

Our tools, processes and unparalleled support have helped our franchisees in Australia build and grow their businesses. You always have the support of the Head Office team and our wider network of fellow franchisees around the globe for guidance and help.


We provide a proven business model.

Our business model has been replicated countless times around the globe. By living our values and taking advantage of our proven marketing, sales and operations systems, you’ll find building a business to be both fun and rewarding.

There’s plenty of opportunity.

The tutoring landscape in Australia presents massive opportunities for Tutor Doctor franchisees.

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The Tutor Doctor Franchise Opportunity Also Offers:


Low Overhead Costs

Unlike many franchises, Tutor Doctor operates primarily from home, reducing the need for a physical location and lowering overhead costs.



Extensive Training

As a new franchisee, you’ll go through a robust training programme that will prepare you for your launch and beyond.


Freedom and Flexibility

The Tutor Doctor business model allows you the freedom to work where and when you want. Tutoring is carried out by tutors either in the home of the student or online, so you’re not tied to a learning center.



Business Coaching

After launch, you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside a seasoned and experienced business coach who will help you monitor, analyse and build your success.


Marketing Support

As a Tutor Doctor franchisee, you will have access to promotional materials updated regularly, website, listings and further marketing support.



Access to a Greater Network

As a franchisee, you have the ability to connect and tap into further knowledge from those that have been in your shoes. There are many great learnings that come from our greater network and benefit the entirety of our franchise network.

Flexible Investment Options

Start with one protected territory of approximately 100,000 people or one protected territory with the ability to expand in the future. Perfect for the new entrepreneur who is still learning.

Initial Franchise Fee

$49,700 - $59,700

Estimated Initial Investment Range

$59,700 - $74,700

Go big with one regional and two local territories by choosing an Empire Builder. Great for the seasoned entrepreneur with more business experience.

Initial Franchise Fee

$104,400 - $109,400

Estimated Initial Investment Range

$114,400 - $124,400


How Can I Start a Tutoring
Business in Australia?

If you’re reading this, it’s clear that you’ve taken the first step to starting a tutoring franchise in Canada. Research is a crucial first step for anyone interested in opening an education franchise.

The next step is to get in touch to learn more about the Tutor Doctor opportunity. Please fill out the form below to get started.

What Does the Day-to-Day of a Franchise
Owner Look Like?

As a Tutor Doctor franchisee, no two days are ever the same. Your day is filled with diverse tasks that keep you engaged and connected with your community.

Client Care

Clients are the backbone of your business. From the first call or email to the consultation and tutoring sessions, you offer a white-glove, personalised service that needs to reassure your clients that they made the right choice.

Recruitment and Training

You don't need to have a background in education to own a Tutor Doctor franchise, but you do need to hire qualified tutors. You'll need to ensure that your team is equipped to deliver top-notch tutoring services to families.


Community marketing is essential to success for a small business owner. Being engaged in your community not only promotes your business but also demonstrates your commitment to the families within your area.

Review and Planning

Part of running your business is regularly reviewing and planning to improve upon your success. With the help of your business coach, you’ll work to reach your goals and desires.

The Impact of Tutor Doctor on Our Franchisees

Read Our Franchisee's Success Stories

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Meet Australian Franchisee, Amy Adamson!

Hugh Moore

Meet Australian Franchisee, Hugh Moore! 

We’re Trusted By Families and Schools
Around Australia!

“I love how personalized the service is! As a tutor, I was given lots of information regarding the kid's strengths and weaknesses as well as their learning style so I could adequately prepare for my first session with the child! Shannon gives you a boatload of resources to be the best tutor you can be and she's very prompt with communication. It is truly a hard tutor service to beat. I love working for Tutor Doctor!”

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Love Ukusare

Two of my daughters are in Tutor Doctor, and they are so easy going when it comes to scheduling and meeting our needs. If what the tutor is doing doesn't work for our girls, they are so flexible to change their approach to find what works! I highly recommend getting in contact with Taylor Dark at Tutor Doctor, it has made our lives so much easier!!

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Nicole Walko
Happy Client

“Tutor Doctor has helped tremendously! With the help of our tutor School and Homework isn’t a struggle anymore. His grades improved within a few weeks, and confidence was noticed by all.”

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Mindy Victory
Happy Client

Our 14 year old has struggled in school, and we have tried many Tutors and even Private Schools. Nothing has had the impact Tutor Doctors has. I would recommend Tutor Doctors to anyone who has a child who needs the help, they will certainly find it worth every dollar.”

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Happy Client

“Tutor doctor has given us excellent tutors and excellent service too! It's so convenient having a tutor come right to us at home rather than having to drive out to an appointment. Our daughter has had help from different tutors for math and science and her marks have gone up. 100% satisfied.”

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Stephanie Wells
Happy Client

"Highly recommended! Very nice, accommodating, supporting and professional tutors. Thanks to them, my son is interested in studying again"

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Maria Makarova
Happy Client

Are You Ready to Change the Trajectory of Students’ Lives?

We’re always looking for passionate individuals who are ready to embody our mission to help the students in their community. Change the lives of students in your community and your own life today!


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